Hi there! I'm Liz, a developer based in Boulder, CO.
I am an expert JavaScript developer who loves bringing ideas to life. My skill set revolves around creating dynamic and user-friendly web products, while prioritizing responsive design and accessibility. I excel in driving user-centered development, streamlining business processes through automation, and seamlessly integrating APIs. My endless curiosity fuels my continuous exploration of web technologies.
Custom Authentication Suite
I built out a custom Supabase authentication suite for Duda/static site builders. Each implementation is different, but I've integrated Stripe membership checkout, Stripe multiple product checkouts, free sign ups, and protected content configurations.
Supabase API
Google Cloud Serverless Functions
AIO Filter Builder
I created the All-in-One Filter Builder for web agencies, enabling easy custom directory setup using Airtable or Google Sheets as a database. Interactive, user-friendly, and adaptable for diverse content presentations with optional add-ons.
Google Cloud Serverless Functions
Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Maps Places API
React - In progress migration
Tailwind CSS - In progress migration
Airtable as a Headless Blog Solution
Revolutionizes agency workflows: Airtable-based solution empowers easy blog updates, controlled contributor access, Markdown conversion with custom widget, and seamless styling for enhanced web content management.
Dynamic DataTables Integration
Instantly customize data in a responsive table using the Dynamic DataTables widget. Highlighted features: customization of controls, print and copy options, flexible column order, and dynamic date and print content for layouts.
DataTables Library
Dynamic Calendar
A versatile calendar integrates Airtable, Google Sheets, and custom databases, showcasing all-day, timed, and multi-day events. Various views (calendar, pinboard, agenda), customizable defaults, search, and filters enhance event management.
FullCalendar Library
Add To Calendar Library
"Liz is simply amazing! I consider Liz an integral part of my own team even though she doesn't actually work for me. She is invaluable to my business, always has my back when I need help with custom dev work related to Duda, and is very timely and efficient. I can't imagine not having her available to me and can't speak highly enough."
Adam Wills
Hite Digital
"For top-notch custom widget development on the Duda platform, Liz is the best developer to turn to. Her expertise sets her apart from the rest, and she can create custom widgets that go beyond the ordinary. With Liz, your web project will reach new heights and exceed your expectations. Additionally, Liz is a pleasure to work with and genuinely cares about her clients' success."
Lesli Lindgren
Keep Simple Solutions
"Our client needed a very specific widget that was reliable, easy to update and integrated within Duda. Liz was able to create the widget, customize it and gave us access to everything we needed to complete our website design project. She is super knowledgeable, friendly and wonderful to work with!"
Sarah Carnes
Lift Division
"An extremely talented and professional developer. Can absolutely handle any and all your custom development needs."
Aj Pfeil
Cre8 My Site
"What amazing attention to detail and service Liz provided. Purchased a Duda widget and am amazed by the quality in it's build. Will be back for more that's for sure"
Ted Edwards
"Liz does great work and goes the extra mile in service! She is an excellent coder and patient with dummies like me! 🤣.I highly recommend her!"
Justin Shipley
"Liz puts her all into everything she does! I've been blessed to know her throughout her entire coding journey and her work keeps getting better and better! She is extremely creative, prompt, intuitive, and provides outstanding customer service. I look forward to working with her again! 10/10 Recommend!"
Bianca Messina
"Widget Pro is hands-down the best Duda widget developer. Liz can integrated multiple third-party platforms with Duda that allowed us to automate complex daily tasks. Great work and reliable support!"
Toffer Lorenzana
On Duty Media
"We had a need for a particularly complicated widget, and Liz nailed it!"
Bill Sholar
Short Story Marketing